I couldn’t say goodbye to all the readers of this blog without thanking all of the people who have contacted me. I can’t comprehend how much you have all helped me, and in a sense, helped my daughter for all of the years, yet to come.

I know some of you have described to me how you have lost all responsibility and ownership of your life without your loved one. I’m not too confident at giving a final inspirational sign-off around this. However, I can use the power of music for my specific message, especially to those questioning the label of widowhood and the whole purpose of life after loss.

Stay Awake – by Clean Cut Kid

For all the widows, widowers, son’s, daughters, friends and family members. Please ‘Stay Awake’ in the life you still have to live, and the one they’ll want you to carry on with. Respect yourself and try not to look backwards – you’re not going that way.